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mavenLocal() - remote and clean

Working in the cloud even for development tasks oftentimes needs what used to be the local maven artifact repository – referred to as mavenLocal() – available somewhere remote, accessible by your cloud continuous integration server.

The usual Suspect

A very easy way is to use an e.g. WebDAV accessible folder somewhere for every days snapshots.
For gradle users this has two drawbacks and for all others still at least one:
You will get a bunch of snapshots over time and the housekeeping there is as time consuming as with your local maven artifact repository, which – from time to time – needs some cleaning to avoid unreproducable build on your machine.

Cloudbees humming to a Gradle Blues

This is where my latest suggestion comes in: The cloudbees forge.
This is still a more or less normal WebDAV accessible storage but it has one important feature: Just with a check box in the administration panels you can ask for snapshot clean up to be done for you.
The one additional problem for Gradle users is the fact, that the latest maven-publish plugin from the distribution cannot publish to WebDAV resources until is resolved.

Cloudbees Forge cleans my local Repository

As a workaround I'm publishing to a local folder and using a synchronisation software ( or AllwaySync) to bringt the stuff online. This in turn has the advantage that the clean up of cloudbees hums over to my local drive. Thus I'm not really sure if I'm waiting for a solution to the Gradle WebDAV publish problem...

Tangram Snapshot Artifact Repository

As a result I now – without any additional effords on my side – present public snapshots of the tangram system.

Tangram Snapshot Maven Artifact Repository now to be found at:

And I myself am using these on any cloud platform I'm trying some remote build on, still having the latest changes for these plattforms available. All this avoiding the need to release to my old Ad-hoc Maven Artifact Repository at

which still holds the releases.
I expect to be using the cloudbees solution for my releases some day soon as well. It's way easier to handle.

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