Mittwoch, 25. März 2015

Dinistiq Version 0.4

The minimalistic Dependency Injection library for Java Dinistiq has been published in version 0.4.
This version doesn't present anything specifically new. It still deals with a single - singleton - scope with a few extensions in a very small footprint library. The library does not introduce any custom tags but fully relies on an subset of the JSR330 definitions.
Despite its limited scope it still successfully executes the TCK and comes with a once more extended unit test coverage.

Availability Release

One of the main changes of this release is the availability of the release artifacts through the JCenter service of bintray. This renders the integration of Dinistiq even easier since you will most likely not need to add another repository or mirror to your infrastructure.
Dinistiq is in daily production use for some time now and will remain supported as long as there is not always a need for more feature complete solutions like Google Guice or the Springframework.

Next Steps

The versioneye service shows that Dinistiq is up to date with its dependencies with only one intentional exception. This release will be the last to support the Google App Engine through the use of outdated Servlet API versions.