Montag, 7. November 2016

Dinistiq Version 0.6

The minimalistic Dependency Injection library for Java - Dinistiq - has been published in version 0.6 some time ago.
This version still doesn't change the main outline of the project: It deals with a single - singleton - scope with a few extensions in a very small footprint library.
The library does not introduce any custom tags, but fully relies on a subset of the JSR330 definitions.
Called the qualifier release, besides dealing with qualifiers this release updates the dependencies, dinistiq relies on.

Qualifiers Introduced

Despite the fact that Dinistiq passes the TCK for JSR330, it lacked handling of qualifiers following the standard. This has been fixed with this release at the account of performance of the container.
None of my projects uses this feature, so the implementation fully relies on the TCK run integrated into the CI builds and the others dinistiq available. These tests of course have again been extended.


Starting from release 0.4 dinistiq is available from the JCenter repository at

Latest snapshots are provided at 

There are already some 0.7-SNAPSHOTs available, which reduce the number of dependencies needed by Dinistiq.


There are no special migration steps necessary for existing application.

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